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ShareThisPopPace Exclusively Publishes Redstone Uprising in North America

Are you ready to dive into the world of PopPace’s newest mobile ARPG, Redstone Uprising? We’re extremely excited to announce our cooperation with YIBO GAME, a local game developer here in China, to exclusively publish Redstone Uprising in North America.
This is our second turn-based trading-card RPG, and we’re starting beta testing on Google Play very soon!
YIBO GAME has been investing a ton of development efforts into Redstone Uprising, and our team at PopPace has spared no expense to make the experience even more special.
Redstone Uprising is different from most of the TCG-based games that you’re used to, where the outcome of battles is simply determined based on the strength of your cards or heroes. In our game, you’ll be able to control heroes’ movements and their skills. You can completely control battles through many different strategies. If you can manage to control the tempo of casting skills and properly moving your hero throughout the battlefield, you can drastically reduce the amount of damage dealt by the enemy. See if you can easily defeat a rival that has a much higher power level, simply by being a more skilled player!
Redstone Uprising is set in a world of fantasy that sets you at the center as a summoner that must recruit various heroes during your adventures to fend off the vicious Swarm, an invading army of darkness. As a storyline wrought with hilarity unfolds, you must continue training hard and work to recruit the ultimate hero, Wrath.

Click here to reserve your sport in the Redstone Uprising open beta for a free pack!

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