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ShareThis[FC] Battle Your Way to Glory in Final Clash!

We are excited to announce that our free-to-play mobile fantasy RPG, Final Clash, will be released in Western markets for iOS and Android devices in 2017. Players will be able to change the angle of immersive 3D battles by swiping the screen, making it easy for them to inspect the enemy's team and adjust their battle strategy. Players may also collect heroes, gather resources with teammates, and strengthen heroes to wipe out enemies in thrilling, addictive, and fast-paced battles.


Game Features
  • Heroes: Choose from over 50 heroes including melee warriors and powerful mages. Develop each hero's unique skills and collect gear for additional power upgrades to defeat enemies.
  • Beasts: Collect animal companions to accompany and assist heroes in battles. Upgrade beasts and unlock new talents to further enhance a hero’s power.
  • Epic Battles: Determine which heroes work best together in battle to defeat horrifying evil monsters to become the one true leader of the realm!
  • Massively Multiplayer: Interact in massive city areas which support over 10,000 players on the same map.
  • Change Your Avatar: Change your avatar and title to distinguish yourself from others. You can also see other players’ avatars in cities.
  • Guild Rumble: Join a guild and rise through the ranks to become its leader. Form alliances with other guilds and battle competitors to become the top guild on your server! Finish Guild Rumble quests to take control of islands and conquer the seas!
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